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Laeba Haedar


Anxiety disorder treatment

When it comes to anxiety, it can be described as a feeling of helplessness and restlessness that a person has when stress exceeds their limit of bearance.
On an average, 5-10% of the people in our society suffer from anxiety. The major symptoms or manifestations of anxiety, in a psychological manner, are in the form of overthinking, doubting themselves, restlessness, quickening of heartbeat, breathlessness, and physiologically in the form of pain in different parts of the body.
What anxiety, or what prolonged anxiety, does to a person is an absolute loss of interests and confidence. This often leads to them resigning or deciding to resign from their jobs as the most commonly associated reason with anxiety is excessive workload. While it might be true sometimes, it isn't always the case.
In a nutshell, Dr Mittal explains how anxiety is something that's common; it manifests itself in different forms in different individuals, based on the cause behind it.