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Laeba Haedar


Cannabis Addiction

In this video, Dr Mittal mentions how cannabis addiction is often behind the mass shootings in the US and even some homicides in India. It is also a doorway to other addictions.
Cannabis is often smoked or consumed orally. People who smoke it feel an instant effect, while those who eat it in the form of bhang often feel its effect rather slowly.
Youngsters start consuming cannabis as an experiment or under peer pressure and due to a prolonged or regular use, they become addicted and have many psychological effects like lack of concentration, anxiety and panic attacks, and even psychosis. They may even become aggressive.
The physiological effects of cannabis consumption include negative effects on the lungs and the addict's social and academic behaviour also gets negatively affected. They might also lose their jobs and go further down the drain.
Family and friends can identify things like possession of cigarettes or foils, changing appetite and friend circle. Such youngsters can be either talked to directly or might even need to consult a psychiatrist.
The presence of cannabis in blood can be confirmed via urine test and to eliminate their addiction, they can be made to understand it's negative effects by family or a professional psychiatrist.
This video provided an insight into cannabis addiction and it's indicators. Dr Mittal also goes on to talk about some of the major impacts of this addiction on the person's overall well-being.