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Five tips on how to effectively work from home

"I have all this free time on my hands, but I don't seem to be capable of doing anything about it"
Heard this before? Rather, said these before?
As the whole world is dealing with Covid-19, most of us struggle to work like we used to. While the healthcare workers get to see their results via their patients' progress, the rest of us don't. Lately, we all have realized that we have a lot of time on our hands and we're unable to do anything productive with it. No amount of coffee seems to keep us awake during boring work from home hours and hence, our productivity and efficiency have gone down tremendously.
To deal with this, here are five ways you can keep yourself effective even while working from home:
1. Be comfortable, not lazy
Working from home does not necessarily mean not taking a shower and sitting in your pyjamas the whole day. Waking up and sleeping at adequate hours and starting work with a fresh mind are necessary.
2. Find a spot that works for you
A sofa isn't the most ideal place to work from, but not the worst either. Find a corner in your home that allows you to sit comfortably (not too comfortable, though) without being too distracted.
3. Don't forget to take necessary coffee and lunch breaks
Just because you're working from home does not mean you don't get to take coffee breaks. Allow yourself short breaks every few hours for things like coffee and tea. Refrain from having meals at your workstation as it takes away your focus from the work and let's face it, ruins the food, too.
4. Talk to your co-workers
Before Covid-19 came and shook our world, on most days, our co-workers played a huge role in us not dropping asleep at our desks. Make sure they're still doing that for you and you for them. Talking to friends, family and coworkers via texts and calls every now and then can be quite refreshing and relaxing.
5. Do something you love
Last but not the least, find something you love. This lockdown might just be the me-time you had been craving for so long. Pick up a book, record your songs, try painting, cook for yourself. Do things that your busy work life (supposedly) took away from you.
We at I AM EARS wishes you a more efficient and productive tomorrow!