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How to utilise and not just spend time in quarantine

But what can I do other than watching movies?
I binge watch Netflix these days, what else is there to do?"
We have all been there. Or would it be better to say that we all ARE there?
The Covid-19 outbreak has forced a majority of the world to shut down, and to implement a lockdown. While India is on Day 23 (reminder to check and update the count when the article is published) of its national lockdown, in many countries it has already been in place for 30-40 days. Now, how are we spending the 24 hours we have at our hands? Even though most of us have to devote 6-9 hours to our online classes and work, we still happen to have a lot of free time. How are we spending those 15-18 free hours now?
Are you binge watching Netflix (with a little too much chill)? Or have you been stuck on a book for the past 15 days and it's still nowhere near finished?
Try the following things to avoid coming out of quarantine as nothing but a Netflix-addict (though there's nothing wrong with that either, but some variety is always good, won't you say?):
1. Bring out the artist in you
This quarantine has given us the best chance to pick up the paint brushes, the pens and the crafts-set that you left behind in schools and colleges. With more than 10 free hours on your hands every day, this is the best time to pursue your hobbies without the fear of being judged or not having enough time and a hundred other excuses.
2. Be the chef/guitarist/vlogger you've always wanted to be
What is your calling? Is it food? Is it musical instruments? Is it video-blogging or vlogging? Or is it dancing? The quarantine has given us enough time to experiment and fail and experiment and fail and experiment again until we become the best chef/guitarist/tabla-player/dancer that we happen to know.
3. Explore online courses and libraries
With the world in lockdown, we have seen a lot of online proprietorship requiring websites going absolutely free. Yes, Netflix and Scribd are free. Absolutely free. Similarly, many online platforms providing online courses have either reduced their fee tremendously or have gone completely free for the time being. This is the best chance to start that online course that seemed a little too costly, to download that book from Scribd that seemed too heavy on your pocket just a month back.
4. Talk to family and friends
Last but not the least, this quarantine period has given us the perfect chance to catch up with old friends, talk to our parents for hours, and start playing ludo again. Use this time to reconnect with your loved ones. Lend an ear, it can do wonders.
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