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Laeba Haedar


Masturbation and Myths

In this video, Dr Mittal discussed the issue of masturbation and it's consequences on the health of a person.
People often associate things like erectile dysfunction, infertility, etc. with masturbation as consulted by some inexperienced person, some roadside banners or advertisement. What is to be understood here is that the body has to release the semen produced, either directly or in combination with urine.
Sometimes, masturbation leads to the feelings of guilt due to a person's religious aspirations too. Such people often end up suffering from anxiety and depression and might require proper psychological treatment to deal with this.
Other than this, sometimes people who suffer from anxiety masturbate to relieve their stress and anxiety and sometimes they suffer from anxiety due to excessive masturbation. The best and most basic solution to deal with such issues is proper sexual knowledge and understanding that masturbation isn't a sin, but a natural process.
The basic purpose of the video is to make people aware of the misconceptions about masturbation and help them understand that lack of sexual knowledge is a major reason for masturbation related anxiety and guilt.