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Laeba Haedar


Obsessive compulsive disorder(OCD) treatment

Around 2-3% of our population suffers from OCD, which can be treated either via medicines or therapies like CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) and ERP (Exposure and Response Prevention).
The patient can also control the repetition of tasks they have OCD associated with to deal with the issue. They should let go of the habits they have and follow too strictly to avoid developing a severe form of OCD.
They can also accept imperfection and not focus obsessively on the thoughts they experience.
This helps in reducing stress. They should not obsess over ill thoughts about their family, friends and even God and should perform yoga and meditation to relieve their anxiety. They can also consciously make themselves not focus on things that aggravate their OCD.
This video provides an insight into OCD and the treatment options available to people who suffer from it. With this knowledge, a person can actively improve their condition.