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Laeba Haedar


Panic Attack and Panic Disorder

Around 3-4% of our population has a panic attack at least once in their life. Some symptoms of panic attack involve dizziness, trembling, feeling of hypothermia, quickening of breath, a sinking feeling, etc.
People often confuse such symptoms with heart attacks too. Oftentimes, after a panic attack, people feel restless and are always anxious about having another panic attack.
Their blood pressure starts fluctuating and they might also suffer from gastrointestinal issues.
In certain cases, neurological issues are also observed. In such cases, it is important that the doctor takes note of all of these symptoms and does a complete assessment.
However, consulting a psychiatrist is the best way to deal with the situation as it enables a person to treat their issue better, reduce their phobias associated with certain things, and resume their normal lives.
Here, the basic purpose of this video is to make the audience understand what panic attacks are, how prevalent they are, and what are some of its indicators.