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Debamita Banerjee


Premature Ejaculation - Myths, Causes, and Prevention

Ejaculation refers to the discharge of semen from the body. Ejaculation is said to occur when during sexual intercourse, a man orgasms before the act or within 3 minutes of its duration. It does not cause major physical repercussions but can pose problems in relationships as the person's partner might feel that there isn't enough time for them to enjoy it as well.  

Men often take it as a blow to their masculinity and refuse to discuss the issue with a medical professional whereas it can be extremely helpful to do so. Additionally, it's much more common than anticipated. About 30-40% experience it at some point or the other since their sexual maturity. The taboo and myths surrounding the issue force an individual to be embarrassed by themselves whereas they could solve the problem with a doctor's help.  

Myths Regarding Premature Ejaculation  

There are a hefty amount of myths regarding premature ejaculation treated as common knowledge that not only misleads people but also makes it far more difficult for them to seek treatment.  

Here are a few myths concerning premature ejaculations debunked.  

  • It is caused due to Low Testosterone: The amount of testosterone in a man's body has always been linked to his "masculinity" in accordance with societal standards whereas in reality, there is no solid proof backing this assumption. Testosterone doesn't conclusively decide a man's performance in bed.  
  • Your ejaculation time increases with age: We often correlate age with experience and hence, greater sexual performance. Culturally premature ejaculation is often used in context with younger and lesser skilled people but this isn't backed by any research either. Research shows that average ejaculation times decrease drastically with growing age. This is mostly because it often accompanies other sexual and Cardiovascular diseases.  
  • It's a rare condition: One of the biggest myths about premature ejaculation is that it's not an ordinary thing. Contrary to this, premature ejaculation is the most common sexual concern among men. 
  • You're going through premature ejaculation if your partner isn't satisfied: As much as it is a medical condition, the satisfaction of both parties is the major factor that decides if you're ejaculating too soon. But, in that case, it isn't premature per se. The people involved in the act would just have to find methods for better performance or try different ways of gaining pleasure.  
  • It occurs when a man is unwilling to last longer: Premature Ejaculation has a lot to do with psychological and physiological reasoning. Blaming it on lack of regard for their partner or impatience demeans the issue and causes further stress. Although men have a certain degree of control over how long they last, it's difficult to ejaculate instantly just by choice.  

Causes of Premature Ejaculation  

Premature ejaculation can be caused on both psychological and physiological grounds. It might surface as an individual complication in a person or be a side-effect of other sexual dysfunctions. It's essential to track the root of the problem to find credible solutions. It might also signal deep-set relationship issues if you practice monogamy. Definite reasoning is yet to be determined for the impediment.    

Here are a few reasons that might cause a person to ejaculate prematurely.  

  • Low Serotonin Levels: Serotonin is a hormone secreted by our nervous system that maintains our feelings of well-being and happiness. High amounts of serotonin can help prolong ejaculation whereas low levels can speed it up drastically. Lower serotonin is responsible for depressive moods which in itself is known to hamper an individual's sex life.  

  • Erectile Dysfunction (ED): Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a condition, owing to which, a person might have difficulty getting an election or staying firm for a significant period. This proves to be a hurdle while engaging in intercourse. ED can often be accompanied by premature ejaculation as an individual cannot properly control their body during sex when suffering from it. 

  • Performance Anxiety: Due to societal and peer pressure, people start weaving larger-than-life ideas about sex. This can also be a result of misinformation or a lack of sex education. As a result, they're too nervous while performing the act in practicality and might experience performance anxiety. This can often cause premature ejaculation.

  • Sexual Trauma: If a person has been subjected to sexual abuse or trauma of any sort in the past or is currently a victim of it, chances are that their sex drive would drop down, and even when they do partake in the act, they might orgasm too quickly. Partners need to be very careful in such circumstances because the underlying issue is probably much more serious than the physical symptoms.  

  • Stress and Depression: Sexual performance is intricately connected to our brain and not just our body. The ability to be turned on and stay so depends heavily on a person's mental state. If somebody is going through severe stress or depression, their mind is already filled with negative thoughts of all sorts. Thus, they cannot concentrate on sex and pleasure.  

  • Lack of Confidence: A person with low confidence and body dysmorphia tends to get stuck in their head during intercourse. The doubts might get aggravated while in bed with a new partner. They can be hit by insecurity and not be engrossed enough in the act. This can fail their restraint and cause premature ejaculation.  

  • Nutritional Deficiencies: A healthy and fulfilling diet is necessary for carrying out all bodily functions well. If a person's nutritional requirements are not being consummated through the food they consume, it can lead to a lack of strength and cause them to ejaculate prematurely.

  • Relationship Problems: Premature ejaculation can be both triggered by and cause further relationship problems. If healthy sexual relationships have been a norm in somebody's past relationships and they've only started to encounter such problems in their current one, it could be a reflection of underlying interpersonal issues between the two partners. 

Prevention for Premature Ejaculation  

As Premature Ejaculation can be caused by a variety of reasons, a proper diagnosis of the condition can be very helpful to decide the further course of action. A psychiatrist can help you deal with the psychological factors that could be triggering your condition whereas a sex therapist can help you practice methods that might fix the problem in a bed.  

Here are a few things you can do to prevent Premature Ejaculation.  

  • Counseling: If your premature ejaculation is being caused by emotional, psychological, or relationship problems, reaching out to a counselor who specializes in such issues should be your primary approach. They can also help you get over performance anxiety or the lack of confidence that you might experience in bed. If you're experiencing a severity of connection in your relationship, then seeking couples therapy could mend the broken bonds.  

  • Branded Medication: Do not believe in hearsay when it comes to seeking proper treatment. Because of the shame and guilt that surrounds any sexual shortfall, people start getting frantic and trust any source that promises them a quick solution, regardless of their legitimacy. This can lead a person to spend huge amounts of money on medication that doesn't yield any results. Thus, contact a licensed professional and only consume foolproof branded medicines. These could help you cure any physical triggers for Premature ejaculation along with relieving you of performance anxiety.  

  • Behavioral Techniques: If your premature ejaculation is just short-term and not being caused by a serious reason, practicing behavioral techniques during intercourse will likely help you get over the issue in a fair amount of time. A person might ask their partner to practice methods such as the stop and start and The Squeeze. The core idea behind most such techniques is to prolong orgasm even after stimulation. Wearing a condom during the act might also work for some people because not only does it assist people in having a safe sexual experience but can also desensitize someone into holding in their orgasm for longer.  

  • Seek Support: Above all, there needs to be an honest and transparent line of communication between the two partners. Not openly discussing issues can cause resentment over time and prevent effectively coming up with a solution. Premature Ejaculation often comes as a blow to a man's self-worth and perception of their masculinity. They need to be reassured that this does not define who they are. A Sexual shortfall such as Premature Ejaculation can induce a feeling of loneliness within a person and cause them to experience self-hate. In times like these, you need a community that not only can empathize with your problem but provide you the right advice. Visit iAmEars to find a group of supportive and kind individuals who are going through the same issues as you are. You can vent out any negative thoughts or emotions you might harbor by penning down your feelings on the forum. iAmEars guarantees complete anonymity. If you're seeking counseling or consultation, the panel of experts and medical professionals at Iamears will be happy to provide you so through online means.    


Premature Ejaculation can be either short-term or long-term depending on the individual. But, irrespective of its severity, it is curable thanks to modern medicine. Hold your head high and productively seek a solution to your problem, it's only a minute obstacle in your way.  

Here is a video of renowned psychiatrist  Dr. Ashish Mittal where he briefly discusses Premature Ejaculation and its treatments.