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Laeba Haedar


Schizophrenia and its symptoms

In India, it is a very common disorder with out of every 100 crore people, at least 1 crore people suffering from schizophrenia.
In schizophrenia, the patient lives in an imaginary world and suffers from delusions. They form delusions like their family and friends being against them. They also suffer from delusion of reference and start to think that everyone else is only talking about them.
Some people also suffer from thought broadcast and insertion and believe that either others can hear their thoughts or are putting thoughts into their heads.
The patient might also experience hallucinations of touch, smell, sight, auditory, and even tase. Out of these, auditory hallucinations are the most common. The patient often feels like they are being given directions and are asked to do things like jumping, running, and even breaking things or harming themselves.
Such patients experience a dopamine surge and find it hard to trust others. They also feel a lack of understanding from their family and friends. In such instances, family and friends should neither accept nor reject their ideas, but should instead provide them support and make them feel heard and understood.
Providing reassurance is necessary. Behavioral changes are observed in patients as they often develop animosity and phobias towards things like lights, vehicles, and even people.
The main aim of this video is to help people identify the onset of schizophrenia and how proper medical care and family support can improve the affected person's quality of life.