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Laeba Haedar


Sexual Issues Among Couples

The video discusses sexual problems and the taboos associated with them. Dr Mittal touched upon what the problems are, how they are normal and are something that should be discussed and found a solution for.
Talking to family and friends is always a good first step. The couple should also cooperate with each other as understanding and encouraging the partner for further treatment is a very integral step.
A lot of sexual issues can be treated with a course of medicines and can be avoided in the future. Sometimes, in younger adults, such problems arise as a result of psychological issues like stress, anxiety, and a lack of sexual knowledge. Other than this, certain habits like smoking and addiction to drugs might also result in sexual problems.
Dermatological infections and structural diseases might also impair the sexual organs and their functioning. In addition to this, infertility issues can also be dealt with by talking to a gynaecologist and in case any surgical treatment is required, a urologist can be consulted.
Via this video, Dr Mittal shone a light upon how sexual problems are more common than people realise and can be dealt with and treated just as easily too.