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Holly Howe


The bully in me

You mean, nasty selfish thing, I knew it was never just something that came from within
Trauma, grief and bullying too, gradually brought me closer to you
Yes maybe you had a purpose then, and for that I will always call you my friend
But all you did was land me in a dark place, Mentally and physically which showed in my face
Life was painful and torturous to live, When you had me in your tightening grips
You were there to fall back on if I had had a row Or when the intrusive thoughts got loud
It wasn’t until time had gone on, that I realised everything you told me was so wrong
It isn’t until this day that I have felt different, maybe by not listening to you, I will be able to feel self sufficient
I will be at home happy and well, Never having to breathe in that clinical hospital smell
Hospitals, yes that was another thing Somewhere I swear to never get myself back in
I have other talents now, life is worth more without you, and for that reason I feel proud
You mean nasty, selfish thing, I can’t wait too see what a life without you brings