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Laeba Haedar


Treatment of Alcohol Addiction

The video attached discusses what alcohol addition is and how it can be managed. Certain people develop a dependence on alcohol and hence suffer from alcohol dependence syndrome.
There are certain criteria on which a person can be evaluated to determine whether or not they are addicted to alcohol, including tolerance, craving, and withdrawal.
Tolerance talks about the person increasing the amount of alcohol consumption to get high. Craving refers to a person constantly looking for alcohol and being unable to deal with its absence. And withdrawal is when a person's body gets so dependent on alcohol that the absence of its consumption results in various negative impacts on the body, including restlessness, excessive sweating, dizziness, memory loss and even physical harm.
Alcohol consumption has maximum impact on the liver and causes long term damage to it. Alcohol addicts often end up spending a major part of their income to procure alcohol and in order to get their hands on money, they even resort to physical torture on their wives and children.
Psychiatric departments of government hospitals and NDDTC by AIIMS are some of the government run institutes that help people suffering from alcohol addiction in Delhi NCR.
By providing a list of various indicators to identify the extent of alcoholism and institutes that can help alcoholics, Dr Mittal explains that this is a problem that can be treated.