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What is Cyber-Bullying

"My mum got me that dress, and I thought I could dress that way"
"But only he had that picture of mine. I did not share it with anyone else"
"I saw the chat on another group and I knew that she had shared our chats"
Have you ever felt that way? Or experienced something similar to this? If yes, then you have been subjected to cyber-bullying.
"But it didn't feel like I was being bullied, he's a friend. Only strangers can bully you, right?" OR "But bullying happens in schools, right?"
These are some of the questions that might be going through your mind now. And it's okay. Because more often than not, the experiences of people differ and make it difficult to name the issue.
As per the definition of cyber-bullying, it is intimidating or threatening a person via the use of electronic communication channels. This could include texts, calls, images, videos and even gifs now.
The stats show that people of all age groups and all genders face cyber-bullying. In a recent study, Ipsos polled parents in 28 countries to determine cyberbullying rates in the year 2018.
It was found that one out of five parents worldwide admit that their child has experienced cyberbullying at least once. As per the report, India had the highest rate of parents confirming instances of cyberbullying. A total of 37% of parents across India said that their child was bullied on some online platform, with 14% of that total saying that the bullying occurred on a regular basis.
While some people know they're being bullied online and take adequate measures to deal with the situation, others feel themselves trapped and often feel that changing themselves, how they dress, how they post or how they interact with people might help them. Often, people who have been subjected to such things for too long often find it difficult to communicate and express themselves.
And this is where https://iamears.com steps in. We are an anonymous online support community that helps you share your problems and if not always find solutions, then at least know that someone is there for you, that you are not alone.