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In the last two weeks our therapists have answered 211 queries related to mental health.

Frequently Asked Questions

IAmEars is your safe space where you can share your problems without the fear of being judged.

What is IAmEars?

IAmEars is not designed to assist with crisis such as abuse, severe mental health conditions that may cause feelings of suicide, harm to self, and any other medical emergencies. In any of these cases and otherwise, IAmEars cannot offer any medical or clinical advice. It can only suggest that users seek advanced and professional medical help.

Can IAmEars help me in a crisis situation?

You can leave a request at support@iamears.com. Your account will be deleted within 2 working days of the request.

How can I delete my IAmEars account?

For any feedback you can reach us directly via email at team@iamears.com

How should I give feedback?

Our psychologist will get in touch with you within 6 hours of booking the session on the number provided by you after making the payment. However, incase of a booking post 10 pm IST, the session will be taken on the next day. However, incase of users outside of India our counsellors will get in touch with you within 12 hours of booking the session.

What happens when I book a session with a Psychologist/Psychiatrist on IAmEars?

You will contacted on the call/whatsapp on the number you provide while booking the appointment. However if you want other medium please write to us at support@iamears.com and convey the same

How will I be contacted by the Psychologist/Psychiatrist after booking a

It's always our effort to make your session experience as good as it can get. If you still feel that we didn't live up to your expectations, just send a mail to support@iamears.com and we'll address your concerns and process any refunds as per the legitimacy of the case.

If my therapy session wasn’t satisfactory, can I get a refund?

Language will depend on the therapist. You can find it in the profile of the therapist before booking the session.

Which all languages can I take a therapy session in?

No worries, write a mail to support@iamears.com and our team will help you out.

If my payment was deducted twice, what should I do?