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heyy! so there's this girl like she is a friend I knew she liked a guy and I liked him too but even though we were just friends, she was rude with me, my bsf and sister I still didn't tell my crush that I liked him for her but he messaged me himself and the first thing I asked was if he liked her and he said "NO" Andi was like okay, I didn't tell her that he messaged me, but then we starting talking and he confessed so we started dating but our classmates didn't knew, I didn't let him tell anyone because my friend will be upset, so I hid it for 6 months but then somehow she got to know it and she has made everyone in my class hate me for it and is trying her best to make me feel awful, everyone's blaming me and it hurts! if two people like each, can't they date?

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