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is it Necessary to accept Follow Req of Ex- Friend? So a year Back I had one of my Frd, Who Purposefully Hurted me, Maintained Hold and Cold Bond, Made me feel i am hard to love, Never valued me for what i was and what i was doing to her , And never apologized ! Just give me a bunch of texts of care never in action. those misunderstanding used to happen but it used to sort it out , I was asking for care & Concern she took it as i am always fighting! At last she diched me and choose someone else over me! Then My soul was drained I am Completely healed on myself# tht day I just moved on cut it off from everything I wasn't in touch with anyone , Locked myself in a Room cried and cried , all my emotions were trigger i again Took year to put things on place, And now after a year she sent me A Social media Request !! y is it ? I am Confused wheather i shd accept and maintain peace or deny access and let her pay for it...I am Kind off like things shd be clear and clean.....

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