help someone any solution ?
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my parents:-(1)need attention (always angry fight with me 😡). ( 2) no respect me. (3) no believe me. (4) dominating me . (5) Daily fighting parents home (mother and father)😭.. (6) negetive talking but behave like a good in society 😭| parent for effect myself :- (1) I am not feeling good. (2) I am doing anything in my life 😭| some kind of my sides problem:- (1) I am preparing for competitive exams.. I want 2 year for this .. my age 19 ... it's very frastrating some (2) i have no friends and I am feeling Lonly my life 😭..(3)I am not doing if my parents dominated me all things i accept because I am preparing exam .... and no happiness in my life... daliy same routine... it's very frastrating.... (wrong talking, some behaviour 😭).... parents don't listen me 😭

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