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so the thing is that my father married 2 times, i mean is my elder siblings mother got heart attack' due to that my father married to my mom. when i was a kid that time my sister's mother's family member told me about it that i am not there real child i mean yes our father is same but mother's are different. But in 2020 September 23 my father died due to asthma attack and after his death everything changed i mean everything totally changed. The behaviour of my grandma and grandpa and my sister and our relative's. when my father was alive everyone was so gentle and good but after his death no-one see's me like i was before and my sister have a boyfriend but he is not good at all he see's me and he not at all good for any women but my sister don't believe me and because of him my sister don't talk to mom she just say whatever to her what comes in her mouth she had said so many bad words to her no one ever stops her and i feel like i should go away from this house with my mom.🙂

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