i have a friend let's call her A and she has another best friend let's call her B so they both have been friends for so long and i am really close with them but A is a lot my type and we get along a bit more B is a bit too possesive with A whenever A talks to someone else she gets soo mad itz because of the wavelength we all share but like A talks about how possesive and annoying B is to me and the very best day she go to be like nthg ever happened and laugh along with her then A leaves me behind ...i was never A fist choice but i trust her so much i te things to A a lot even others secrets that's how much i trust her i don't want to be someone who A can use the. go to someone else itz just so annoying and sad that A Doesn't express her true feeling to B and talk bad about B to me i am close with B too but wavelength differs a bit even A have said on how she thinks i am more close to her
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