there's always a voice in my head that is constantly telling me what to do and saying i am useless worthless disgusting everything i am just getting tired of it sometimes i smile while i am shouting my hearts out inside my mind like they say stop shaking your legs but i can't every single thing i do it's bad no matter what you should have said better studied better talk better walk better exercise better everything and no matter what I do i am useless to myself i am just disgusting fat shit that everyone hates but pretend to like me everytime my friend asks me if i am okay i say yes but i want to say is it okay if i say i am not okay because i am not okayy i am done with this world and everything i feel like i am pretending my anxiety me having a crush on this girl i cantt i don't know what i am doing ahdhjdkdkemeoekfnfji i canttt i want to let all my problems outtt someone please hug me and say ik you're not okay and just hug me say everything is going to be okay please somebody
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