guys im on a friendship crisis. what happened is that there is this girl who my 3 friends hate for some reason, one day what got into me idk I spent the whole day with her in school, and sat the next day too with her, but now I realised why they hate her I don't like her either now but my old 3 friend treated me like trash when I tried talking to then, they talked in a really bad way like the tone, so I went home confessed how I was feeling to one friend who was closest to me in all of the 3, she said she is not mad and is still friendly with me, I sent the second one memes and she liked all of them ig even she's fine but the 3rd one, the one who used the tone with me seems to want to end it,even when we r together I seem to be 4th wheeling like they don't like me anymore ig, please I'm begging someone to tell me what to do 1. be friends with the girl who my friends don't like, who even I'm started to hate or 2. try to get back with my old friends who don't seem to like me anymore
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