I am broke in and out... It was during covid when I had my first panic attack watching news and social media constantly caused this and not just that.. I also have gastritis issue and when this happens my head starts spining and i feel like I am losing control of my body... and that causes more panic and my girlfriend also broke up with cause I had became so toxic.. we fough a lot.. and then she left me.. now I am feel so full yet empty i want to put my heart out but I don't trust anyone.. I don't want people to know about my weaknesses... sometimes i cry when I miss my grandma cause she was the only one who was always there for me...no matter how much we fought grandma would take stand for me... she loved me like anything...my parents are more focused in their personal lives and they don't understand how I feel no matter how hard I try to make them understand...they just don't want to listen... that make me feel annoyed
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