Latley it feels like I'm really unstable. Sometimes I feel like I'm on top of the world then other times I just want to give up, I just can't be neutral. I feel like I'm judging myself a lot about how I explain things and I feel like I'm doing something wrong. And because I'm so unstable I feel like I'm unable to do the things I love not because I'm unhappy doing them just because I feel like I'm going to mess them up everytime I try to do them. And ever since Feburary of this year everything has been insane, and yes it's helped me grow but it feels like the world isn't giving me a break, everytime I think the next month will be easier it ends up being harder then the last. I feel like I'm heading for burnout and there's almost nobody I can ask for help, that's why i installed this app in the first place..
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