Please say me about the problems and solns. by analyzing my Symptoms. 1. Symptoms since ISC Class 12 Exam, 2020 (min. symptoms) till now continuing (max. symptoms) 2. Self Doubts a. If I see and copy a paragraph from book or if I see and read something, then while copying or reading I doubt if I am copying or reading correctly or not. b. If I memorize something, while recalling I feel I am recalling correctly or not. C. Unable to control my thoughts, self doubts even at the works which is already known by me. d. If I write something on a copy, then while revising it in two/three days later, I doubt whether I have written or copied down the notes correctly or not. e. After doing a thing, I kept on checking it for a multiple times because I think that I have not done it properly. 3. If someone says something bad or if I see something bad, I think about it every time and gets frustrated and can't remove it from my mind.
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