I'm having trouble with school and exam anxiety. I've been having it since the start of the school year and I definitely think I'm slowly becoming unmotivated. Ever since friday (22nd October), I've been feeling lost, unmotivated and anxious. On that day, I got a B in pyshics as my first grade in the subject. I was asked questions and instead of giving me a C, the teacher gave me a B, mostly because he will never give a student the grade they deserve, he basically will give you a D instead of an F. The teacher used to teach my sister pyshics, yet she was the best at it. Top of her class all the time, while I'm not. I am a straight A student, yet I feel like I'm morely embarrassing my sister than me. I haven't told my family yet, because I am scared of their reaction. I do have a exam in pyshics on Monday, and I feel very anxious. Since I need to get an A, to have a 4.5 which is an A in the subject. There's so much I need to study and I'm scared of getting a grade lower then an A. My heart's beating extremely fast, I've been overthinking about it and I am feeling an immense pressure in my chest. How do I stop worrying about my grades and my family's reaction?
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