I feel horrible right now people are trying to tell me how to live my life and things are going bad for me right now I don't have money for college and I stay with my aunt and it like she takes out her frustration on me and make me feel so little to the extent that I feel ashamed of myself when none of anything is my fault whenever I go to her shop to sell and I call her to ask for a price she blast me some much to almost telling me am so useless and dumb and how she will pity the man ever going to marry me itz so discouraging but yet I still help her even in her pregnant state she is so ungrateful because she know I don't have anywhere else to stay if not her house last night she and her husband had a fight and I kept on thinking about how she was feeling for her to transfer all the aggression to me and left others smiles with everyone but when it gets to my turn she becomes me am just so tired
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