Relationship issues hey guys i need ur opinion on my relationship rn. so my bf started to ignore ...
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Relationship issues hey guys i need ur opinion on my relationship rn. so my bf started to ignore me early feb, i got very emotional about it bc he would talk to others except me and everyone asking me what happen to us. So a day he told me he talked to his mom and he was upset with her so he kept telling me that when the day come i will know why he been acting so... during everything i cried about it i try to be there motivate him but sometimes he would leave me seen or tell me he doesn't want to talk about it, i also had family problems going on and he never seem concern for my well being when i tell him so i see him talking to his female friends and playing around while am in the same room doing assignments getting ready for final exams. so because of how he was treating me and he would tell me that he wouldn't change and he wouldn't be ready to fix things so we can go bk to how things were because of everything i text and tell him we done then the next day i told him that i dont want it to end like that and i still wanted to fix things afterwards. he said the same thing. now march is when i trying to get over him by blocking then unblock still talking but we end up like not agreeing to things cause i would want him to be ok with telling me but he would just leave me seen when i tell him how i feel about the situation, in school i would try to ignore him and or we might end up greeting, we hooked up during march once, i asked him a day if he wanted to achieve the goals we had for each other again or like ever cause i wasn't sure if he wanted to fix things between us and he said "i can't answer that now...what you fraid i leave you" and i said no............the day we hook up is when he told me whats going on so basically his mom promised to attend his graduation which is next yr and mine is this yr so she said somethings to him about how she can't go and she said some nasty things behind his back after his sister bf called and tell him what she said so after he didn't want to tell me what she said exactly so yh after that i tried to reach out to him for the last time i said how i feel about the situation i told him how i want to grow a healthy relationship with him and to tell me when he is ready to start over it was ong long paragraph he left me seen for 2 days i think and he answered telling me he didn't want a relationship so that made me sad i blocked him for 2 weeks the last week he made an effort to talk to me he just asked me a question about something the second time he asked why i block him he didn't stay for me to answer. so i unblock him after when i felt ok and he texted me some days after asking why i block him and hoe i could do that after everything we been tg and he asked if am leaving fr when i explain i told him that he got me confused then he told me "dw i love you" i told him he was making things complicated bc he not talking to me and he said he didn't want a relationship now he coming back and act like he want to be with me so like the part where i end it... idk its lie he forgot or he ignoring that cause he was why i telling people we done and tell him no just one person i tell after u told me u didn't want a relationship so i tried respecting that by blocking u so now we agreed to putting our relationship on a hold. What you think i should do i want him to come bk so we can go back to what we use to do and become better and i doubt that he will want that bc of how he just switch on me and this hurt me so much so am scared that if we do get bk tg he would treat me the same. if there's something you dont understand i can explain it over for you.

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