How's everyone doing? I'm genuinely very happy after a long time. It's raining, I walked home from my institute, half the journey with an open umbrella, and rest of the time feeling those priceless drops, drenching all my insecurities and fears. It feels like the rain completely washed away all the negativity filled inside me, I say this because something depressing happened recently, and as much as I know myself, I was supposed to be in the worst mental condition, but magically, it isn't affecting me at all. I feel liberated instead. I can't believe this. I'm so happyyyyyy. For no reason. And ACTUALLY happy from inside. And busy admiring the beauty of nature. How come I never thought about how nature is soooo beautiful. And I looked into the mirror few minutes back, I don't know, I find myself so beautiful all of a sudden, and it feels like every single insecurity has vanished. Sorry for taking your time, but I'm genuinely soooo happyyy. I felt like sharing this so bad. words limit😭
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