I am in class 10 , my school life is gonna end and I am unable to make any close best friend. I cry bout it like everyday kyuki my huge problem is i never can find a topic to talk excepy studies a little .People are interested in talking with me , but I can't find a topic much neither can they, so we are unable to be friends . Sometimes i think what couples in school talk non stop everyday and here I can't find just much except studies to come with. I wasn't like this few years back, but lots of things took place in my life, we shifted to other place causing me to eventually lose myself out of depression as I didn't have anyone to check on me too. Can ppl having best friends please give me tips about this? Like how to talk everyday. Because its not like I lack topic sometimes, I lack it everytime and there is nothing going on in my life too which i can talk much . Please please help me hoe to overcome this and get back to my that self.
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