I've been going through very complicated things in my life lately . I became weak and pathetic that no one minds me or listens to my heart. I'm just longing to express my emotions and let it out that someone can sit by my side and pat me for a while and says everything is going to be okay. I'm not strong enough to handle situations when it comes to my dog , he has cancer and I want him to cure and be well and play with me , I couldn't see him like that, he's very close to my heart. My life is a mess all the time , that if someone comes or I seek someone will be burdened the rest of their days . am I cursed .I want everyone to be happy especially my family , friends and my boyfriend and my pet dog. I don't want them to suffer all I pray for them is to lead a happy life with never ending love and care . I'm not lucky enough for love . My heart is broken into pieces but I guess it's invisible to everyone who stays by my side. There's been a lot going on in my head.
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