I am in love with my best friend. we've been together from a long time now. It's been almost 2years now and I never told her. Finally 1 day I told her, I'm In love with her but I don't expect anything from her, I just want her to know, luckily we have the same feeling but we aren't dating. We are now in our 1st year in college and our colleges are different. It's obvious that if we date it's going to be tough. Today, we were talking generally over a call and she asked me ' What are we, like are we together or something?' and at that point of time I had no clue what to say to her. I said before anything else you are my best friend and I won't date you just for the sake of it. But since then ive been over thinking about it.. because I don't why I feel what I said didn't make her happy and for some reason I feel dating her would end our friendship too. Am I right on this? I said let's think and decide tomorrow. WHAT SHOULD I SAY? she is very sweet and I can't lose her. I love her, so..?
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