HOW ANXIETY PRESENTS - Tremors (haatho me kampan) - Restlessness (bechaini ) - Palpitations (dil tez dhadakna) - Sweating (zada paseena aana) - Dyspnoea (saans lene me dikkat) - Constriction in the chest (chhati me jakdan) - Dry mouth (muh sookhna) - Headache (sirdard/ sir me bharipan) - Numbness and tingling in limbs (haath paer me jhanjhnahat) - Dizziness (chhakar) - Poor concentration (kisi bhi kaam me dhyan na lagna) - Negative automatic thoughts (nakaratmar vichhar) - vague sense of apprehension (bina kisi kaaran ke pareshan rehna) - Fearfulness (dar lagna) - Inability to relax (relax nah ho pana) - Irritability (chidchidapan hona) - Insomnia (neend na aana) - Fear of impending doom (baar baar achanak se tez ghabarahat hone par jaan jaane ka khatra lagna) - Increased sensitivity to noise (tez aawaz se pareshani) If you are suffering from some of these symptoms, then consult your Psychiatrist
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