Not enough . that's what I feel. i don't always have my phone with me. my parents give it to me only on week days. i go to school at 8am and it completes at 5pm but I go to tution so 5pm-8pm. now I come back home take rest eat fresh pray etc.. somehow it's 9:30pm I'm tired but I force myself to study. i complete at 11:30 and sleep. now I try my best to impress my parents and even if I don't use the phone they say I'm addicted to it and thats the reason why I'm not intelligent they say..... I'm doing everything I can and it hurts to see that they just can't understand my situation they feel like I'm going to end up like my brother who barely made it. it really hurts deep down and they also put alot of burden on me.. I can't even have a proper teenage life. i got 89% in my recent exams and they are really disappointed. no expression just disappointed. that made me cry till i couldn't take in any air..
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