is like they're raised that way or just like that? my tuition mates went to eat out after tuition and they didn't even bother to ask me?? like it's just 4 of us and three of them went without asking me even foe formality. the worst part? we all used to go together to eat stuff. I literally have no idea what happened like seriously out of nowhere they started treating me like an outsider. even an outsider is treated better. the more worst part? I know two of them for more than 2 years and one is my childhood friend but the third one is new and she met them just this year.... I've been through loneliness cause of them. I can't even approach them because then I'll overthink about how they'll bitch behind me. I mean they were discussing what to eat WHERE TO GO and like DIDN'T BOTHER TO ASK ME??? please gift me a therapist
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