Internet Addiction: what to do ? - Engage in physical exercise. - Set goals: Decide how much time you want to spend online each day - Pay attention to the apps that consume most of your time without adding much value. - Once you identify these activities, take steps to limit or eliminate them. - Identify triggers that lead to excessive internet use - Disable unnecessary notifications: Notifications can be a significant source of distraction. - Practice digital detox: Abstain from using the internet entirely for a certain period, such as a day, a weekend, or a week. - Modify your environment: Keep devices out of reach or in a common area instead of your personal space. - Replace excessive internet use with books, puzzles, or other engaging activities. - Explore healthier coping mechanisms to deal with these triggers - Practice mindful phone usage: Before reaching for your phone, ask yourself if it's necessary or if you're just using it out of habit.
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