hye, the story began when I was 16, I met that guy but I was afraid to like him I was afraid of idea of love I raised with the bad side the large warnings of he will break your heart,it took me alot of effort to forget him to be away from him. when I was 19 I met him he came and talk to me I left him but after may be 6 monthes we talked again my mum talked to him, I was telling my self I won't let him in but the thing is I tried to show him my feelings that I don't want the other people who want me I only wanted him so I draw, I even texted him then I blocked him immediately I feel so indecisive he doesn't even reply to my mum, there is a pain in my chest and attachment to him with no reason I can't help my self to take him out of my brain and I can't help my self to chose someone else I'm destroying myself slowly but I need help
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