I was never comfortable around boys due to my past exp also i had PTSD from bullying at school . I was a complete introvert back then, one day when I was getting stressed by a group of my classmates laughing at me I saw this guy for this time who was just looking at me . Eventhough i was seeing him for the first time he felt someone very close, someone i know n the whole day i was recollecting where did I saw him before? just by looking at him i forgot my stress , i forgot that there is a group of people laughing at me. He somehow made me feel comfortable, then I started noticing him but never had the guts to talk to him, i searched the whole school for him on my last day at school so that I can tell him how I feel about him but couldn't find him. I thought it's just a teenage crush and i will get over him but i couldn't for past 8 yrs so i confessed in insta but no reply and i think he restricted me so i couldn't see if he has seen the msg. what should I do now?
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