pt2: I mean it's ok if you couldn't fine me a better place I understand just leave me where I am don't move me to another hell!!.. I accepted my reality and I convinced myslef that I can do it and it's all fine and I can get used to it as they said.. BUT THIS MAN CHOOSED TO DO ME EVEN DIRTIER.. so I went to the new working place hoping for a nice beginning and guess who I found there.. yes it's my boss.. since I have social anxiety and I wasn't really feeling good at that time.. at my first day there I walked into the place and I said good morning in a really low voice it almost felt like a whisper.. but to him it felt like a thing to start an argument with.. so he pulled me in front of the clients and my coworkers and started yelling at me and accusing me of misbehaving and being impolite.. I was so in shocked till the point I couldn't say a word.. I was trying to defend myslef but he didn't give me a chance so ended up apologizing then I left the place sobbing my eyes out..
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