I really miss my primary best friend.We hadnt kept in touch for so long after primary.I oftenly felt ignored by her even when I tried to get in touch with her it made me feel like I was trying to fit in in her life.Well we are not well off financially indifferent from me.I loved her so much as my best friend.I always dreamt about her as I was growing all after primary.And I sometimes would try to initiate conversations with her to rekindle my friendship with her but I felt rejected so I stopped.She choose other people from my school to move on with and left me without any word.I always think I did her wrong.I remember the last time we was together while we was done with primary,she hugged me so tightly and she sayed goodbye to me.I felt so good deep inside until one day I reminded her about it and she didn't respond to me.I feel so petty.I miss her everyday but I usually don't let her know since I fear to be rejected by her again.She moved to the USA.Probably she has new best friends.
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