Ways to get rid of addiction - be it smoking, sex, masturbation, alcohol 1. The moment you real...
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Ways to get rid of addiction - be it smoking, sex, masturbation, alcohol 1. The moment you realize that you are thinking about it, distract and change your thought Any thought is like plant , more you water it more it grows inside your brain 2. Physical exercise atleast 10 minutes a day to an extent that it causes sweating. 3. Write down your 'high risk situations'. Means write down those situations in which the addicted behavior happens the most. Like when alone, with friends, when going out of the house. Prepare yourself beforehand how you are going to tackle these high risk situations. 4. 'Urge surfing'- it means urges are like waves, they come and go within a few minutes. So delay the addicted behavior as the urge will go away 5. Positive outcome overexpectations- we relapse because we overestimate the short term positive effect of the behavior and forget about the long term consequences. So keep reminding yourself about the negative consequences of the behavior and why you started this journey of deaddiction. 6. Remember you will relapse in this journey few times before achieving total abstinence. Always remember that each relapse is a learing opportunity and not a sign of failure. 7. Regular Consultation from a Psychiatrist for Psychological as well as Pharmacologocal intervention. There are also various mediciations which can help reduce the cravings If you too are addicted to something, you can consult me anytime. START TODAY. ALL THE BEST.

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