hi I don't know when was the last time when I take a sound sleep I overthink whole time I feel now that I don't have control on myself yesterday night I slept and the I saw extremely bad dream then i awake and cry I feel like that I am finishing day by day I don't know what to do I don't feel interest on any activity two or three years ago I am good in study and all I like to study my mind make new questions but now I lost my interest i am not able to study my favourite math now I also not feel interest to solve it . i feel like in this universe no one is here who wants to listen me no one understands me one year ago by mental situation is very bad I don't talk to anyone not feel hungry at that time in my mind many susidal thought come then after some time everything going to normal I jus distracted myself using phone too much I didn't study whole year now my exams are over they gone very bad now I feel from one month approx overthing very much I don't know but now I need help
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