so everyone just shares what they are facing online...guys nobody cares...I mean sure we all feel pity and are trying to help but the reality is that we all face our own difficulties....I'm not saying this in a bad way..I know many of us just want someone to listen and possibly give advice's tough out here ...we all see that ...I also came here for a reason cause I'm seeking closure sometimes it's not depression or's just that we feel abandonment and we are trying to feel in that void in our hearts....I hope you're following....I might not have the slightest idea of how much some of u are going through...but everytime I cry and I talk to myself I just always mention that I know someone out there is going through worse and that is what makes me stop whining....and think about what someone is going through at this moment...someone is committing suicide as I am typing out this message ....and boii there's no one around to stop them...the pain is just too much..
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