I am thinking like I am a failure. I could not achieve what I wanted when I started this mission. It makes me depressed. I don't know what to do. I always think what others if I do this and that. I had crush on a girl but that girl wanted to go for USA. I can not go to USA. This is another depression. Another one is career depression which to go . what is correct career and what is not what to do. I am in fully confused state what the hell I have to do in my life. I feel like I fucked up my life with my wrong decisions. I feel zero in my life. I don't have correct friends I feel. I am powerless. I am always thinks what others if I do this or that O fucking hate it. I spend so much time on mobile because of no goal. I don't know which goal I have to set and whether it is correct for me Or not. I think I fucked up my life. Sometimes I get suicidal thoughts.My school life was very good. But I fucked up my college life by wrong decisions. I am the reason for the life I am living now.I ha
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