okay so here's the deal for a couple of weeks now I keep thinking about my ex from 6 7 years back and today he actually sent me a message on snapchat saing he's sorry for what he did and that he wants to try again. I have a husband and a baby and he has a girlfriend and I said no and I unfriended him but I feel bad about it now. I'm not gonna do anything but all the memories came rushing back and how I loved him really much and how he was a terrible person to me and how I went to the psychiatrist for a year and a half to fet over it. It was really hard and he always does that couple od months passes and he adds me somewhere and he starts to apolagize and at the end I just see that he is the same person he was before... I don't know how to get him out of my head. I love my husband very much but I didn't have any colosure when we broke up.
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