pt1: guys I wanted to share what happened to me lately.. it's about one week ago.. I was at my work barely doing fine... i was expecting that my boss would find me a better place to work in since the one I was currently working in wasn't good for me cause I had issues dealing with the transports mainly because it's too far from my place.. so l already had a conversation with him and I told him everything and how I struggle to get to my work place and he was understanding and all and he told me he would find me a nearer place for me and I couldn't be more grateful.. a month passed and nothing changed.. I talked to him already twice and I still had hope.. one day when I was at my work they told me that they're getting me a new work place and i guess what.. it was a place ever far from my house.. you guys.. I couldn't even react.. i just spent the rest of the day crying.. it felt like... BETRAYAL.. I felt so stupid for putting my trust in him..
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