why is some of the uk council so stupid we told the police about my mum's abuse and she didn't get arrested, btw she was hitting, shouting, and neglecting us. she was just moved to a smaller house. we were living in a 2 bedroom house which she owned before. but we got this house because we were struggling financially and it was for us since we were little when we got it and the council gives bigger homes to people with children. my dad has a business in scotland and we drive there every week and holiday, and its just been the summer holiday and the police gave it back to my mum since we were gone and we cant get her out even though its 'her' house since its in her name. why tf can she kick us out even though the house was meant for us. shes trashed the home, its so filfthy and dirty theres bugs everywhere and its just been 4 days. she hasnt kicked me, my brother and my dad out yet cause she doesnt know she can kick us out. why is the council so stupid? so stupid so stupid i hate it
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