I am in a relationship for two years. two months ago I found my boyfriend is cheating on me, but believe me he is not that type of person. He said he closed that chapter before I knew this. But things become complicated. A week ago he came to know that the girl,for whom he was cheating me, killed herself. And three days ago I came to know that the girl was his ex. They ended their one year relationship 5yrs ago. Three days ago he told me everything, that she came three moths ago all on sudden after 5yrs, and asked him to patch up again but he told her that he is in a relationship, he accepted her and soon after that he realized he doing wrong with me, so he stopped talking to her, told her this is not gonna worked. after this the girl texted me and then I came to know that he was cheating but I didn't know that she is his ex. after 9 days she killed herself. I didn't talk to her. I don't know the actual reason of her death. But I am sure that my boyfriend is not responsible for this.
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