i am totally exhausted, from past few day i am using mobile for 9-10 hours. i am not happy . my exams are near and i am not feeling like to study .i had totally lost my concentration . i am not okay , but nobody is there to listen me and understand me . i have no friends , i am feeling too lonely . Always , very weird feelings are going on in my mind . i am trying a lot to overcome all this , but i sm feeling like trapped in this situation .. my future is in threat , i can feel. Even my parents Start feeling like i am spoiled , i am no more a topper girl , bcz my activities are like that only , whole day i have phone in my hand ,...but they don't know i am doing this to overcome my loneliness and anxiety .... whole day i am scrolling , watch too may video and films.....i just want to come out of this but i am not feeling like that., ...i just want to restart my studies but i cant ... actually i am in 12 th ..and my boards are done but my entrance exams are near and i am not prepar
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