I am upset...when people make an offer of help they should be able to carry out...I live separately from my family in a place with some people who have been known to me and have been in the education sector...I have been living with them for 2 years now...I am aware of how 'smart' they are...I had been applying for jobs in teaching and going for interviews to schools independently...After an interview with a school which is located 8 kilometers from where I live I was asked to come for a trial as they had doubts about my ability to handle children who are 3+ although I told them how experienced I am..when I talked about it with the people whom I live the Gentleman of the House offered to drop me to the place as he could check the location and what he place was like...When I messaged the Gentleman earlier this evening requesting his help in another matter..he told me that he was in Dehradun and would be look into the matter the next day.
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