hey! hope everyone doing great .. but am not like seriously right now I feel like I want to die I really don't what this kinda of life things are just messed up well am in class 12th cbse and u know practical are about to start from Jan so teachers are in a great bustle their frustration of checking the practical an all so they are just kinda torching us like if their any mistakes happen in any of the files they are just tearing and want us to right again and they all are not checking our practical they are just saying let the examiner going to check our nb like seriously that's why I don't feel like Going to school but if your r not going they will make a call at your home to come to school otherwise they are not going to give u admit card already we all are facing kind of anxiety stress because of exams and although our pre boards are also not very good plzz Tell me how to deal this situation and IA m in the habit of panicking and crying
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